Highlander 3: The Sorcerer (Blu-Ray)


Those irrepressible Immortals are at it again with swords and heads held high and set for a spectacular action-packed journey across time in Highlander 3: The Sorcerer. Original stalwart and master of the broadsword Connor McLeod (Christopher Lambert) returns to defend his name and honour, destined for a decisive battle against the malevolent and bloodthirsty Kane (Mario Van Peebles).

With the expert guidance of enigmatic Japanese sorcerer Nakano (Mako) McLeod develops his survival skills in preparation for the most challenging fight of his long life and in the process traps his formidable opponent Kane in a collapsing cave. Many years later archaeologist Alex Johnson (Deborah Unger) delves into the ancient cave and unleashes a force of evil determined to exact vengeance on immortal foe McLeod and wreak havoc on an otherwise unsuspecting world.