Dragon Lore: Curse Of The Shadow (Blu-Ray)


Keltus, an agent of the ruling Order, is on the trail of the enigmatic Shadow cult. He reports to a local garrison interrogate a captured Shadow cultist, but finds the man dead - murdered by Nemyt, an elven bounty huntress cursed with the Mark of the Shadow - an undead plague. Nemyt has learned of a secret meeting and a powerful treasure. Keltus frees from prison and the two set out to rendezvous with the cult.

Enroute, the pair team up with Kullimon the Black, an infamous orc raider. The three heroes must battle undead creatures, river dragons, swamp monsters, gun-toting dwarves and a horde of orcs in order to track down the Shadow Agent, who plans to use a powerful treasure to raise an Undead god from the Well of Demons.