The Trolls of Trollwood

are amassing a trove of the greatest fantasy books, films, games and loot from the past 50 years.

At Trollwood we stock the latest Peter Jackson blockbusters alongside classics like The Dark Crystal and The Princess Bride- our bookshelves groan under the weight of forgotten masters such as Jack Vance and Robert Holdstock and the collected works of giants like Tolkien and George R. R. Martin.  

As the trove grows visitors will find more and more obscure items- stuff never seen before on these shores. Trollwood is currently the only Australian distributor of Brothers Hildebrandt Lord of the Rings metal signs and Rare Elements Foundry fantasy coins.

So if you’re a fan of fantasy or know one, be sure to drop by and check out the latest additions to the trove (or sign up for our monthly newsletter Tales from Trollwood).

Trollwood- where imagination roams wild and free.