About Us

Trollwood is a new Australian business dedicated to the celebration of fantasy and appeasement of local fantasy enthusiasts (a.k.a. the Great Southern Horde).

First and foremost Trollwood is about great stories and the fantastic worlds where they take place. The artwork and other merchandise we carry are souvenirs of these imaginary journeys.

We’re not big on genre distinctions; high fantasy, heroic fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult literature, if it's got dragons or magic and it's good, we'll stock it.

In our regular blog series Australian Gods we’ll be showcasing the stars of Australian fantasy, authors, artists, directors and musicians.

At the same time we’ll be sourcing amazing new fantasy products made locally and around the world. So if you see something interesting and you think it belongs in the trove send us a message (there may be something in it for you!).

Welcome to Trollwood! May your way be winding and filled with wonder.