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Scrap Princess Interview + Short Book Review

         In this week's installment of Australian Gods I interview visual artist and game master Scrap Princess (actually this time round we've stretched the category to Australasian Gods as Scrap harks from NZ, as Aussies tend to...whenever we feel like it). Scrap Princess is not the kind of god you'll find sipping tea in Elysium- more the type you find spinning dark, intricate webs in the wastelands of Pandemonium. Read More  

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Scrap Princess, Seamstress of Chaos

        In previous installments of Australian Gods there wasn't a problem describing what the nominees do. Really I just had to show a bunch of cool pictures and it was clear what these people are doing and how good they are at it. What this month’s nominee Scrap Princess does is harder to define or explain to the uninitiated- but that doesn’t mean it’s not important or awesome in its own right. Read More

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