Trollwood Reviews A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin Posted on 21 Nov 22:30 , 1 comment

        A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is beautifully written high fantasy from the nib of a master storyteller.

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Ladyhawke (1985) Film Review Posted on 18 Oct 22:01 , 1 comment

        One of the best-loved fantasy movies of the 1980s and arguably one of the best fantasy movies ever made Ladyhawke is the timeless tale of a love that will not be denied. Produced at the height of the same fantasy boom that gave us The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and Willow, what sets Ladyhawke apart is its simple yet compelling storyline and its understated use of fantastical elements.

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Lemony Snicket’s The Dark Book Review Posted on 06 Oct 10:29 , 0 comments

        Recently I showed Monsters Inc to our 2 and 4 year old. I regretted it immediately. The movie begins with a monster slowly opening a cupboard door and creeping into a child’s room as the child hides under a blanket, shaking in terror. The kids were entranced, or maybe riveted is a better word, by the horror that was unfolding on the TV screen...

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The Many Faces of Gollum Posted on 11 Aug 15:00 , 0 comments


        I love Jackson's Gollum. Hang on that sounds weird. Let me rephrase. I think Gollum was portrayed brilliantly in Jackson's movies by Andy Serkis and the special effects team at Weta. But then..if you read my post about Fan Art, you'll also know that I have a problem with big franchises and the way they colonize the imagination. Well recently I came across this little gem from Rankin & Bass:

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Trollwood Reviews: Outlander (2008) Posted on 30 Jul 17:48 , 0 comments


       Space marine crash lands in a Viking fjord with an angry alien on board. Glorious mayhem ensues.

       This movie is as fun as it sounds and a lot better than I expected.

       I can understand why people might be a bit sceptical about the idea of Vikings vs Aliens- but really it's no crazier than Green Berets versus Aliens when you think about it.

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Scrap Princess Interview + Short Book Review Posted on 22 Jun 15:35 , 0 comments


       In this week's installment of Australian Gods I interview visual artist and game master Scrap Princess (actually this time round we've stretched the category to Australasian Gods as Scrap harks from NZ, as Aussies tend to...whenever we feel like it). Scrap Princess is not the kind of god you'll find sipping tea in Elysium- more the type you find spinning dark, intricate webs in the wastelands of Pandemonium.


Scrap Princess, Seamstress of Chaos Posted on 12 Jun 22:42 , 0 comments

        In previous installments of Australian Gods there wasn't a problem describing what the nominees do. Really I just had to show a bunch of cool pictures and it was clear what these people are doing and how good they are at it. What this month’s nominee Scrap Princess does is harder to define or explain to the uninitiated- but that doesn’t mean it’s not important or awesome in its own right.

News Flash: Dragons Hard to Kill Posted on 28 Apr 19:35 , 0 comments

D&D Revival? Immortal more like it.

It's good to know people still come together in Real Life to play games around a table.

Legendary Pewtersmith, Graeme Anthony Posted on 14 Apr 11:43 , 0 comments

        The next Australian to be invested into our pantheon is pewtersmith Graeme Anthony. Graeme’s pewterware is instantly recognisable, from his craggy faced wizards to his flawless elven complexions, and his work continues to fetch high prices around the world. If you haven’t seen Graeme’s goblets before you’re in for a treat.

Soviet Hobbit is Truly EPIC Posted on 05 Apr 08:01 , 0 comments

        There's "So bad it's good".

        Then there's "So bad it's just bad".

        Well, below that there's a level where something is just so bad it becomes EPICALLY AWESOME FOR ALL TIME NO BACKSIES NO RETURNS.

        That's where Soviet Hobbit lives.

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